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Exfoliation for Nagios

I wrote exfoliation in January 2010 to make Nagios easier to look at. I updated it in January 2011 so that it will work with Icinga. Exfoliation is the default skin for Nagios as of 3.3.1.


This tarball contains stylesheets and images for Nagios 3.x and Icinga 1.x. The style sheets tone down the colors and make them more consistent. The images are more refined than those that come with Nagios.



To install, simply overlay on an existing installation:

  1. cd /usr/local/nagios/share
  2. tar xvfz /var/tmp/exfoliation.tgz

For the Incinga UI devs: I'm not a big fan of text that moves around when I mouse over it. Feedback is fine, but turning my GUI into whack-a-mole is not acceptable. I know, Vautour started it, but you chose to put it into your distribution.

Here is a comparison of a standard installation of Nagios 3.2.0 and the same installation using exfoliation:

standard nagios      exfoliation