Bugs in GAlib

This page contains a list of bugs and suggested workarounds. Please submit to galib-bugs@mit.edu a bug report if the problem you're having is not on this list.

configuration issues
version 2.4.x
version 2.3.2
version 2.3.1

Compiler/Configuration Issues

Random number woes
If you find that the examples don't evolve properly, check the performance of the random number generator using the randtest example. You can specify which random number generator to use by modifying the gaconfig.h file. Note that that modifications to gaconfig.h will require a rebuild of the entire GA library.

bugs in version 2.4.4

bugs in version 2.4.3

bugs in version 2.4.2

bugs in version 2.4.1
fixed in release 2.4.2

bugs in version 2.4
fixed in release 2.4.1

bugs in version 2.3.2

bugs in version 2.3.1