Review of WS2080 as posted at

10 Jan 2012

when we purchased the ws2080 it was going for around $160 on amazon (oct2011). now (jan2012) it is available at $120.

this is a great station if you are just getting into weather monitoring. a davis might last longer, but then again you could just buy another WS2080 in two years and still be out less money than you would have paid for a davis.

these mid-range weather stations are manufactured by FineOffset then resold by ambient weather and others. the 2080 has a fairly comprehensive feature set. the 1080 has larger console, touchscreen, and requires more batteries. the 3080 has uv/sunlight sensors.

below are the PROs, CONs, and a few NOTEs about the WS2080 based on use on an island in mid-coast maine.