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nagiosgraph is a data collection and graphing add-on to Nagios. It uses a parameter-based approach to configuration (rather than template-based approach). It is small (the 1.4.4 tarball is 158KB compressed), has few dependencies (RRDs is the only strict dependency), mostly perl (is that a plus or minus? :), and is entirely self-contained (no additional javascript or css libraries are required).

The nagiosgraph project is managed at sourceforge:

Fixes to Nagiosgraph

Here are some bug fixes and enhancements to nagiosgraph. These changes plus many more have been incorporated into the 1.4.x releases of nagiosgraph at


To install, replace your existing nagiosgraph files with those from this tarball.

  1. Modify the "use lib '/opt/nagiosgraph-1.4.0/etc'" line in each .cgi file
  2. Modify the nagiosgraph.conf file to taste
  3. Modify the hostdb.conf, servdb.conf, and rrdopts.conf files to taste
  4. Modify the map file as needed

I started hacking on nagiosgraph in December 2009 when it was 1.3. Here is what nagiosgraph looks like with my modifications (circa 1.4.0 release):

controls collapsed      controls expanded
nagios and nagiosgraph
nagiosgraph embedded in nagios just add a couple of lines to the sidebar
nagiosgraph 1.3 this is what nagiosgraph used to look like