GAlib Documentation
version 2.4

GAlib is a set of C++ genetic algorithm objects. The library includes tools for using genetic algorithms to do optimization in any C++ program. This documentation includes:

installation instructions
overview of the GAlib implementation and programming techniques
class hierarchy of GAlib objects
programming interface for using GAlib classes
instructions for deriving new classes and genetic operators
descriptions of the examples
list of features
other genetic algorithm sites

For the most recent GAlib developments, please refer to

change history
bug list
frequently asked questions
mailing list archive (

There are two mailing lists to which you may subscribe, and an address to which you should report bugs.
This is an unmoderated mailing list for GAlib users. If you have found use for GAlib and would like to let other users know about it, or if you're having problems with GAlib, post it to this mailing list and one of the other subscribers just might be able to help you out. I read all messages that are posted to this list, but I cannot respond to every one.
This mailing list is for announcements about updates to GAlib. The only messages sent to recipients of this list are announcements from me about revisions to GAlib. This typically amounts to about one or two emails per year.
This is where you should send bug reports. Please check the list of known bugs before you submit a bug report. You cannot subscribe to this list.
To subscribe, send email to with the word subscribe as the subject. To unsubscribe, send email with the word unsubscribe as the subject.

Copyright (c) Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Matthew Wall. All rights reserved.