Decavitator Video Segments

This is a list of all of the decavitator video segments we have converted to mpeg so far. The video quality should improve (and the movie size should decrease) as we figure out how to better tweak the mpeg encoder and as we dig through our video archives to find the original videos.
Some fast runs on the Charles river...
Record Run World record run by Mark Drela on 27 October 1991 (2.29 MB)

high chair side view High speed ladder wing flight on 15 August 1991 (2.60 MB)

first transition First ultra high speed wing flight (0.23 MB)

Dava's record run Dava Newman on the Charles River, October 1991 (1.47 MB)

side tippage High-speed roll instability clearly illustrated. (0.55 MB)

The `high chair' ladder configuration...
head on view Front view of ladder foil configuration. (0.22 MB)

high chair Side view of ladder foil configuration. (1.34 MB)

slow cruise Cruising along on the BIG wing (at low speed). (2.75 MB)

guppy flight The guppy 'flying' past MIT's crew boathouse. (0.85 MB)

first ladder First ladder foil flight on 6 June 1991 (0.27 MB)

putz on ladder Marc Schafer on the ladder foil. (1.79 MB)

putz on small Marc Schafer transitions to the small wing. (1.29 MB)

putz tow test Marc Schafer in an early tow test of the ladder foils. (0.69 MB)

The old V-foil configuration...
early v-foil Early tow test of the original V-Foil configuration. (1.80 MB)

figh altitude tow High altitude tow test of V foil. (0.85 MB)

Scenes from the dock...
v-foil christened Christening of the Decavitator on its first day. (0.98 MB)

strut failure Carbon fibre main strut failure (4.24 MB)

water stop Tom helps Mark take a water break. (0.54 MB)